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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MauLid an-Nabi ~

hye all^^
im back again ..:)
now i will share my story about Maulid Nabi Festival that happened yesterday. :)
i have intensionally my day to coincide with this festival, which celebrates the birth of the Prophet and is celebrated in a big way here in Kota Kinabalu.
After 7.30am the celebration was start. The procession start at Padang Bandaran ,going around the main street before hitting towards Dewan Saadah,Wisma Muis as far as 4km.
Actually it was many processions, not one. Each group of revelers were from a collage, or religious school, and were led by their teachers. Along the way, they played their kompangs (i forgot what these things were called in, so im using the malay word for them!) and sang praises, all the while jumping around and making merry. It was a competition too, with the groups all trying to outdo each other with the best performance in front of a judge.
at the road, i found my heels ropes was broke . i become uncomfortable. can't walk as fas as others. but it's funny also,because my friend shoes also broke.. we continued our procession with non-stop laugh along the way..ahahaha;D
without our conscious, someone have took a photo of my friend shoes that already broke and upload it to his facebook acount .. he is Mr/Sir Zain ..(one of Unirazak staff) that are so friendly with the student ..tq sir^^ 
i am so happy for the festival, i hope next year i will able to have good health so i can join the team of procession again;)

here are some photos of me at the festival ...

credit to mr zain=)

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