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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My DreaMs ...-,-

Hye all ,here are some story that i want to share with all of you .. its about my dreams that i having since i was 15th... (the same person on times)

is it true theres like a connection of dreams through our brains? (confused) I mean, like for example, I had a dream about this boy, and through out the globe a boys dreams the same thing but about me..(still confused?)

Okay,now, Im a 20 yr old girl, I had this AMAZING DREAM, I met the boy I've ever seen in my life! (literally I think I may have seen him before in reality, I don' t know), the same age as me, we talked, we spend time bonding together, it probably went on for a day in my dream, then there's a bunch of bullies (i don't know them) pushed me and the boy helped me. Im like what?! and then I woke up, I got sooooooooo pissed off, because I reall thought it was all real, the feeling and experience of falling in love and even though I woke up, I still I had that feeling. I know this is wierd but Im trying to find the boy in reality that was in my dream...maybe I've seen him before or destiny...I don't know...:(

could that boy be real in reality? that the boy dreaming the same scenario ...?

It was so wierd, I even remembered the whole thing that happened in my dream! It was kind a like dejavu, you feel that dream is going to happen in reality, it had such a strong feeling when I woke up, I almost lost my mind...it was amazing,. until now ...the age of 20 ..i still have to dream about this boy ..(i dont know who)
I really REALLY want to meet the boy in my dream again, i can feel that he want to tell or share something with me that i dont know what. so,i hoped if u are kind of the boy please, i need to talk with you.

maybe this is a stupid funny story or what laa.. but for me this is important! so much ..... hope you will understand...:)

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